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Storytelling might be bad for academia but it’s good for people

By Ben | Benefits of Family History , Preserving Memories , Sharing Memories

I read an interesting article yesterday titled, “Oral History and How It Makes Learning Less Effective, Study Shows.” The article made a couple of different points: Oral history is becoming more popular in some countries, including the US. A study found that those who listened to the stories being told didn’t meet the educational standards hoped for. This […]

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Doubly blessed: Interviewing to capture personal and family history

By Ben | Benefits of Family History , Legacy Tale Products , Preserving Memories

During our recent trip to Texas, I had the privilege of interviewing my sweet sister-in-law’s mother. My sister-in-law has been talking to me for a while about wanting to write her mom’s personal history, so that was another excuse for our wonderful, multi-purpose Texas travels. I had met her mother before- eight years before, to […]

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