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“She counts not the cost of nights without sleep and days full of giving…” A Mother’s Day Tribute and FREE PRINTABLE!

By Hilarie | Free Printable or Download , Making Memories

One Sunday in 2007, as I struggled with my first-born toddler in church, I watched another young mother encourage one child who had just spoken to the congregation, and simultaneously seek to quiet another she held on her lap.  I looked around at other beautiful, young women that all seemed to radiate light as they did […]

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Why I’m living deliberately by spending money and making memories now, not waiting for tomorrow

By Hilarie | Intentional Family Life , Making Memories

Are you ever surprised when you look back and realize how you’ve completely shifted your mindset on something? Did you used to have a stronghold on one position and somehow, remarkably, over time did an “about-face?” That has happened with me, and, interestingly, it’s because of my work with Legacy Tale. Now I spend money. […]

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