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Harness the power of storytelling and technology to strengthen your family across generations.

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1. Make Memories

Create opportunities for positive family memories to be made.

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Learn how to make the art of storytelling a natural part of your life.

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Master the right technologies that enable you to share and relive those memories.

Capture the moments that define you… Tell your tale.

There are so many pivotal moments in a lifetime. Recalling and recording them is of incalculable value. But it’s not easy.

Collecting, organizing and writing those memories can be both challenging and intimidating. That is why we developed a question and interview process that triggers remembrances. The result is a legacy tale of eternal value.

Legacy Tale has a variety of resources and services for writing a personal history for yourself or a loved one- everything from do-it-yourself to complete custom writing and publishing. Look around and let us know how we can help!

You make memories. We make them last.

“It was an amazing experience watching Hilarie interview my mom. I’m so grateful she is helping me write my mom’s biography. Her interview questions are fine-tuned to invite reflection and meaningful responses. Even more valuable is her skill and intuition in going “off script” to follow an impromptu line of questioning, led by instinct. Gently prompted and expertly guided by Hilarie, my mom shared tender feelings and experiences, as well as profound lessons that mean so much to me and will be treasures for my children.”

Megan Haymond Hicks

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