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How Storytelling Creates Stronger Families

By Ben | Intentional Family Life , Making Memories , Preserving Memories , Sharing Memories

The disappearing art of family storytelling is a critical part of strong family foundations. Children who learn from family storytelling tend to be more resilient and better able to overcome challenges. They have higher self-esteem and feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Children with these qualities are more likely to have a […]

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Why you should hold an intentional family planning retreat (with free downloads!)

By Hilarie | Free Printable or Download , Intentional Family Life , Making Memories

Be intentional… no regrets Intentional family life and deliberate parenting are buzzwords that only have meaning if we take action. For our family, intentional decision-making is a high priority because we want to minimize the regrets and maximize the relationships during our time of active parenting with children at home. We underscore the importance of […]

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By Hilarie | Uncategorized

What kind of adventures are you having this summer? Wherever life takes you, seize opportunities to do memorable things and make priceless memories with those you love. As you know, the days of family life may be long, but the years are definitely short. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Each day is what we make […]

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Storytelling might be bad for academia but it’s good for people

By Ben | Benefits of Family History , Preserving Memories , Sharing Memories

I read an interesting article yesterday titled, “Oral History and How It Makes Learning Less Effective, Study Shows.” The article made a couple of different points: Oral history is becoming more popular in some countries, including the US. A study found that those who listened to the stories being told didn’t meet the educational standards hoped for. This […]

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