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Be Concise in Content, Poetic in Prose

By Ben | Preserving Memories

At church this week, one of the talks was about simplicity. The speaker even mentioned the power of simplicity in writing. He was right. Direct, concise language is powerful and meaningful.   But as you’ve perhaps noticed, simplicity in language may not be my strongest point. I love using descriptive adjectives and sometimes even flowery, […]

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Hot off the presses!

By Ben | Legacy Tale Products

Check out our latest Legacy Tale personal history book… hot off the presses! Peggy is so excited to share this priceless gift for Christmas with her kids and grandkids! Now that is a gift of self, more lasting than anything money can buy. “What could you do better for your children and your children’s children […]

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A little about me

By Hilarie | Legacy Tale Products

All my life I’ve been a writer. Not the exciting, become-famous, write-great-works-of-fiction kind of writer. Nope. I admire them tremendously, but that will never be me. The words that live inside me are the kind that tell true tales, works of inspiration and information and contemplation. Words that analyze and make compelling arguments for action. […]

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