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Legacy Tale’s Interactive Photo Journal, a New Breed of Book

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Remember when you introduced your mother to her newest grandchild – your first child? Remember how excited Mom was for you as you began this new adventure? You included a picture of that moment in a photobook you made, so you can remember that day, but what did Mom say to you?  To your child? Your dad was there, recording everything like he always does, and you know you’ve got that video…somewhere. How nice would it be to quickly open and watch that video, reliving that precious moment?

You can, with Legacy Tale’s new breed of book™…

This new breed of interactive photo book combines curated personal and family stories and photos with video, digital photo albums and audio that tell the rest of the story.

Bridge the generation gap by blending digital content with traditional, heirloom family history books!

Connect all the generations in your family with multimedia for the tech-savvy youngsters and detailed narratives enriched with photos for the traditionalists- all in one remarkable book of family history that will be a beloved treasure for generations!

Download this PDF now to see a sample, then follow the instructions on page 4.

Your book includes video and audio clips to make your family and personal history come to life like never before! Think baby’s first steps and words; Mom’s fingers across the piano; Grandma’s childhood memories and Grandpa’s words of wisdom- all accessed directly within your personal history book.

This is your legacy… with their faces and voices preserved in live action like never before! Simply use your phone to scan the code in your book and play the multimedia files.

Features include:

  • NEW!! Interactive photo links to multimedia including:
    • Your family video clips
    • Audio recordings
    • Digital slideshows
    • Digital albums
  • Color and/or black and white photos that tell your tale
  • Full narrative story of your life (written by you or by us with our proven interview process)
  • Additional documents and family archival information
  • Beautiful, heirloom-quality hardbound book format
  • Completely customized for your personal or family history
  • We do the work and let you reap the benefits for generations to come

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