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Save those newspaper clippings… family history clues

Life is great in a small town, where our family business makes the front page of the local section of the newspaper! Check us out …

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Focusing on the Essentials – December 2015

The month of December represents an incredible opportunity to make memories!  But as everyone knows, it is also a very busy month.  So rather than …

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The Courage to Be Vulnerable

I realized this morning that writing about our lives makes us vulnerable. It takes courage and strength and humility. Vulnerability is hard. Four days after …

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Some Blessings Come Early, Some Blessings Come Late, Some Come All Along the Way

I love this kind of phone call. A client who has become a dear friend (funny how that happens in this line of work!) was …

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Be Concise in Content, Poetic in Prose

At church this week, one of the talks was about simplicity. The speaker even mentioned the power of simplicity in writing. He was right. Direct, …

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Hot off the presses!

Check out our latest Legacy Tale personal history book… hot off the presses! Peggy is so excited to share this priceless gift for Christmas with …

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podcast interview

A little about me

All my life I’ve been a writer. Not the exciting, become-famous, write-great-works-of-fiction kind of writer. Nope. I admire them tremendously, but that will never be …

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Linn Mills & Hilarie Robison Lake Mead Cruise 2004

The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not the way she behaves, but the way she is treated.

I was so sad to lose my dear friend Linn Mills in 2014. I still think of him often. He made a great difference in my life, was …

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