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Tell Your Tale Book Series

Tell Your Tale: Write and Share Your Life Story

Step-by-Step Guide and Writing Prompts

E-book Series

The Tell Your Tale book series provides step-by-step guidance for writing and sharing your life story. With proven writing prompts and theme-based questions to answer, they sparkTell Your Tale series covers recall of the moments and memories that define you. As you reflect and capture those stories from your life, you’ll find benefits for yourself and your family. Along with writing prompts, books include specific photo recommendations and complete scanning instructions for photos as well as family documents.

Individual books are $5.99 each. Or purchase all 9 books in the series together as a bundle for only $29.99!

Every book in the Tell Your Tale series includes:

  1. Getting Started
    • overview
    • where to start
    • how to start
  2. Photo Instructions
    • gather and label old photos
    • scanning instructions and options
    • document instructions
    • using new photos
  3. Themed Topics and Checklist
    • writing prompts for recording memories
    • associated photo prompts*

Sections 1 and 2 are the same in each book, so that each can be used as a stand-alone resource if desired. Themed topics are unique to each book.

Tell Your Tale e-books are PDF files designed in landscape format for best viewing and use on a computer, tablet, or phone. They are not designed to be printed.

Themed books available for purchase, each focusing on a particular topic, include:

Early Life  


Family Roots  


School Days  


Working Life  


Marriage and Family Life  


Golden Years  


Holidays and Traditions  




LDS Writing Prompts**  


Bundle of all 9 books

*Note that the LDS Writing Prompts book does not include specific photo suggestions for each prompt.

**Legacy Tale is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.