Thanksgiving place cards with conversation starters

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There are so many great things about Thanksgiving. One of those is visiting with family, especially if you haven't seen them for a while. While there is usually no end of topics to talk about, having a conversational free-for-all can be noisy, or bring up things better left alone (cough, cough, politics).

To help control that and keep the conversation light and fun, we've made some beautiful conversation starting place cards.

We've used these with our own family in the past and found they have a way of generating a lot of laughs and great memories. 

Designed with high-resolution Autumn and Thanksgiving-themed images, these cards measure 4.75" X 2.75" when folded. Print them with a color printer on quality card stock, cut them out, fold and use at dinner. The print-quality PDF file includes 20 different cards so you can mix and match as desired.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Image credits: Chris Lawton, Aaron Burden and Joanna Kosinska. Find all of them at Unsplash